A farmer on his way home from market had the feeling that he had forgotten something ; but what it was he couldn't figure out. As he neared his home this conviction increased to such a degree that he stopped his horse two or three times, scratched his head in perplexity, and tried to recall what he had forgotten, but in vain. At last, he reached home and was met by his daughter, who looked at him in surprise and cried, "Why, father, what have you done with mother?" --------------------------------------------------------------- figure out : 궁리하다 conviction : 확신 in perplexity : 당황하여 in vain : 헛되이 --------------------------------------------------------------- 시장에서 돌아오는 농부는 무엇인가를 잊은 듯한 기분에 사로잡혔으나 그것이 무엇인지 도무지 생각나지 않았다. 집이 가까워지자 그런 생각은 더욱 굳어졌고 그 때문에 두 세 번 말을 멈추고 머리를 긁적이면서 궁리했으나 허사였다. 마침내 집에 당도하자 그를 맞은 딸이 사뭇 놀라면서 소리쳤다. "아니 아버지, 어머니는요?"