An executive with more ideas and enthusiasm than experience
installed a new and elaborate system in his company and then
went abroad confident that things would pretty much run
themselves. Upon his return from his two months'' vacation
he asked how the system was working.

"Splendid," replied the manager. "And how is business?" asked
the executive. "We had to give that up in order to keep the
system going," said the manager.
*executive: (기업의)경영간부, 경영자
*elaborate: 정교한, 까다로운
*install: 설치하다, 도입하다
경험보다도 아이디어와 열의로 들뜬 회사경영자가 까다로운 신식
제도를 도입하고는 일들이 저절로 잘 굴러 갈 것으로 확신하고
해외여행길에 올랐다. 두달후 휴가에서 돌아온 그는 새 방식이
어떻게 돼가냐고 물었다.

"훌륭합니다"하고 관리를 맡고있는 사람이 대답했다. "그럼 장사는
어떻고요?" "장사쪽은 집어치웠습니다. 그 방식을 살리자니 도리가