The Wilson household consisted of Papa, Mama, a daughter aged 10,
a son aged 8, and a dog named Paddy, whom both kids adored.

One day Paddy was run over by a truck and killed.

When they came home form school Mrs.

Wilson called them into the study dand said.

"I''ve got had news for you. Paddy was killed this morning."

To her surprise, neither of the children was surprised.

They rose quietly and left the room.

A few minutes later she heard both of them laughing merrily and was
pleased that the task was so easy.

Suddenly, however, she heard a terrific wailing and the two kids
burst into the room.

"Our poor Paddy," the litle boy sobbed.

"But I told you about it as you came home," said Mrs. Wilson.

"I said that Paddy had been killed."

"We thought you said Daddy," he wailed.

<> adore : 아주 좋아하다


윌슨네 식구는 아빠, 엄마, 열살된 딸, 여덟살된 아들, 그리고 아이들이
무척 좋아하는 패디라는 이름의 개 - 어느날 패디는 트럭에 치여죽었다.

아이들이 학교에서 돌아오자 어머니는 서재로 그들을 불러들였다.

"좋지 않은 소식이다. 오늘 아침에 패디가 죽었어"

뜻밖에도 아이들은 놀라지 않았다.

조용히 일어나서는 밖으로 나갔다.

잠시후 즐거운 웃음소리가 들려오자 어머니는 일이 잘 넘어간 것을

그런데 갑자기 요란하게 울부짖는 소리와 함께 아이들이 들이 닥쳤다.

"불상한 패디"하고 아들아이가 흐느꼈다.

"너희들이 돌아오자마자 내가 말했잖니. 패디가 죽었다고"

"우리는 대디 (아빠)가 죽었다는줄 알았잖아"

(한국경제신문 1997년 11월 20일자).