The two tramps were stretched out on the green grass.
Above them was the warm sun, beside them was a babbling brook.
It was a quiet, restful and peaceful scene.
"Boy," mused the the first tramp contentedly, "right now I wouldn''t
change places with a guy who owns a million bucks!"
"How about five millions?" asked his companion.
"Not even for five million," drowsed the first tramp.
"Well," persisted his pal, "how about ten millin bucks?"
The first tramp sat up.
"That''s different," he admitted. "Now you''re talking real dough!"

* tramp : 방랑자, 나그네 * babble : (시냇물이) 졸졸 흐르다
* buck : dollar * dough : (속어) 돈

두 방랑자가 풀밭에 축 늘어졌다.
위로는 따사로운 햇볕, 옆으로는 조잘대는 시냇물, 평온하고 느긋하고
평화롭기만 한 정경이었다.
"참 지금 이순간 같아서는 백만달러 가진놈 부럽지 않군!"하고 하나가
"5백만달러 가진놈 하고라면 바꾸겠어?"하고 상대편이 물었다.
"5백만달러도 부럽지 않아"
"하면 천만달러라면 어떻고?" "그렇다면 이야기가 다르지.
그건 진짜 큰 돈이잖아!"그는 일어나 앉으면서 말했다.