A farmer ran into a friend at the market in their small village.

The friend asked, "Where have you been? I haven''t seen you in a

"I saved enough to go sway on vacation." the farmer said.

"Where did you go?"

"New York City."

"Did you have a good time?"

"Oh, yes. I spent two weeks in a whorehouse."

"That must have been very expensive." the friend said.

"No. They were all my relatives."

<> run into : ~와 마주치다
<> go away on vacation : 휴가가다
<> whorehouse : 유곽


작은 마을에 사는 농부가 그곳 시장에서 친구와 마주쳤다.

"한동안 안보이던데 어디 다녀왔었나?"

"목돈이 마련되었기에 휴가 다녀왔다네"

"어디엘 갔었는데?"


"그래 재미있었어?"

"그럼. 유곽에서 독주를 보냈다네"

"그랬다면 돈이 쾌나 많이 들었을게 아닌가"

"아닐세. 모두가 친적되는 여자들이었거든"

(한국경제신문 1997년 6월 13일자).