[객관식 문제는 각 2점, 주관식 배점은 각 문제에]

주 1. 다음 대화를 읽고 빈 칸에 들어갈 적절한 말을 영어로 넣으시오.

John: Hi, Mary! What are you doing this weekend?
Mary: Oh, I''m going to a concert with my roommate, Sally.
John: ?
Mary: It''s the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra concert.
John: What''s on the program?
Mary: The music of Beethoven and Mozart.
John: Have a great time at the concert.
Mary: Thanks.

객 1. 다음 대화에서 빈 칸에 들어갈 가장 알맞은 것은?

Sally: Jane, have you seen my tennis racket anywhere?
Jane: No. Why, have you lost it?
Sally: I must have. I can''t find it anywhere.
Jane: ?
Sally: I remember I had it last Saturday when I played tennis with
Tom. Then I went to Tom''s house for a drink. But I''m sure I
brought it back with me.
Jane: If it''s not here, you must''ve left it at Tom''s.

1) Did you bring it back
2) When did you last use it
3) How did you lose it
4) What were you doing

[객 2 - 객 3] 다음 대화를 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Assistant: May I help you, Madam?
Susan: Yes, it''s this coat. I bought it in this shop two weeks ago
and all the buttons have fallen off already.
Assistant: May I look at the coat, please?
Susan: Here you are. You can see how bad the sewing is.
Assistant: Yes, I am sorry, Madam. We can have it repaired for
Susan: How long will that take?
Assistant: About a week, Madam.
Susan: In that case (a) I am going away for two weeks and I
need to wear the coat.
Assistant: Could you wait a moment, please? (b) .
Susan: Whether the manager agrees or not, I insist on having a new
coat. I just can''t wait that long.

객 2. 빈 칸 (a)에 들어갈 가장 알맞은 말은?
1) I''d better give up the idea.
2) you''d better hurry up with it.
3) could I have my money back?
4) could I exchange mine for a new one?

객 3. 빈 칸 (b)에 들어갈 가장 알맞은 말은?
1) I need to check with the manager
2) The manager will arrange it for you
3) The manager will be delighted to see you
4) The manager may wish to see you

객 4. 다음 편지는 어떤 내용의 편지인가?

December 12, 1993

Dear Susan,

I''ve just found out what happened on Saturday. You were waiting
in the basement restaurant while I was waiting in the restaurant
on the ground floor. I am so sorry about the misunderstanding! It''s
all my fault. I didn''t realize that there are two restaurants. i
should have checked. You must have wondered why I didn''t come.
How about meeting again next Saturday at the basement
restaurant? I promise to be at the right place this time. Hoping to
see you soon.



1) A Letter of Invitation
2) A Letter of Apology
3) A Letter of Complaints
4) A Letter of Sympathy

[객 5 - 주 2] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

The abacus is an ancient form of a calculating instrument. It
looks extremely simple, and is totally portable and unbreakable as
it is usually made of wood or plastic. Yet, in the hands of an
expert, this simple tool is quick and deadly accurate in
calculating everything from grocery bills to insurance premiums.
Only a few years ago, when digital calculators became widely and
cheaply available, many predicted that this outmoded machine would
become a thing of the past. . As the use of
calculators spread, some educators began to complain that pressing
keys was not really the best way to grasp the fundamentals of
mathematics. Some accountants and businessmen in Korea, Taiwan and
Hong Kong began to realize that the abacus is still useful in
certain calculating jobs.
The main reason for the renewed interest is that the abacus
makes it easy to grasp the concept of mathematics. Students
knowledgeable in the use of the abacus have consistently been
rated higher in basic mathematics than their contemporaries
(abacus: 주판)

객 5. 빈 칸에 들어갈 가장 알맞은 답은?
1) And this prediction has come true
2) For the abacus is no longer in use anywhere
3) But what is now is not always better
4) But the abacus is still widely used in many countries

주 2. "knowledgeable"과 "use"를 동사로 바꾸어 밑줄친 부분을
의미변동 없이 전체 문장에 맞게 영어로 쓰시오. (3점)

* Students have ...

[객 6 - 주 3] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Modern society produces tons of unwanted, apparently useless,
waste material. Every day we throw away tin cans, bottles,
cardboard boxes, old clothes, motor cars -- in short, rubbish.
People have realized that if the world is not to become a rubbish
dump something . We must both reduce the amount of
packaging used and recycle what can be re-used -- even if it
appears in a different form. Do we really need coffee in glass
jars? Or chocolates in cardboard boxes weighing as much as the
chocolates? Why can''t the metal from old cars be used in making
new metal products? Already in some places the energy produced by
burning so-called rubbish is being used to provide heating for
blocks of flats, while paper is being made from old rags or old
paper bags.

객 6. 저자가 "so-called rubbish"라는 표현을 쓴 이유는?
1) 더 쓸 수 있는 것을 쓰레기로 버리기 때문에
2) 재활용할 수 있는 쓰레기이기 때문에
3) 쓰레기의 양이 너무 많기 때문에
4) 쓰레기의 재활용의 가능성을 논해야 하기 때문에

주 3. 빈 칸에 들어갈 적절한 말을 영어로 넣어 문장을 완성하시오.

[주 4 - 객 7] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Just how important is school nowadays? Teachers often (c)
(a) that homework is not done properly and that pupils are
constantly arriving at school red-eyed and yawning through lack of
(a) (b) .
----------- ----------
There are, it appears, two main explanations for this
phenomenon. Firstly, many young children stay up late to watch
television. Programs suitable for them may finish as late as eight
o''clock. No child wants to be an (a) (c) in an age
--------- -----------
of conformity and admit not having seen what everybody else has.
Secondly, a growing number of older children, particularly those
approaching school-leaving age, are taking up part-time employment
mainly involving evening or weekend work. They feel that working
experience, not academic qualifications, will help them find jobs
on leaving school. One can sympathize with both groups of children
but it doesn''t make a teacher''s life any easer.

주 4. 윗글에서 빈 칸 (a) (b) (C)에 각각 들어갈 가장 적당한 단어를
한 개씩 영어로 쓰시오. 각 단어의 첫자는 주어져 있음. (3점)

객 7. 윗글의 내용과 일치하는 것은?
1) Children want to see the same programs as their schoolmates so
as not to be left out.
2) Children want to compare their experiences with those of others.
3) Teachers recognize that school is not important for many
4) Academic qualifications are as useful as working experience in
helping school-leavers find jobs.

[객8 - 주5] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Exercise is important throughout your life. It prevents you from
becoming overweight and cuts down the rise of heart disease later.
Between the ages of 11 and 16 your muscles double in strength.
Your heart, mostly muscle, doubles in weight and other organs
inside the body grow much larger at the same time. Exercise helps
all these developments within the body to take place smoothly.
To develop a good body shape you must take regular, vigorous
exercise. This is any series of movements which make your heart
and breathing rates speed up and which make you hot and sweaty.
Emotions such as fear, excitement, shyness and anger can also
cause your body to behave as if you had taken vigorous exercise.
You must get rid of that extra energy caused by strong emotions or
you will become tense. Exercise gets rid of that extra energy and
restores your sense of well-being. As you push your body to work
harder, your mind moves away from your problems; you are less
likely to allow them to upset you.

객 8. 윗글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은?
1) 격한 감정은 격한 운동과 같은 영향을 우리 신체에 미친다.
2) 운동은 격한 감정에서 생겨난 불필요한 에너지를 없앤다.
3) 운동을 하면 근육이 두배나 빠르게 성장한다.
4) 운동은 심장병에 걸릴 확률을 낮춘다.

주 5. 윗글에서 밑줄친 부분을 의미 변동 없이 "Taking" 으로 시작하는
문장으로 바꾸시오. (3점)
* Taking ____________________________________.

[객 9 - 주 6] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

People who know one another well may sit or walk together for long
periods without feeling it necessary to speak. But, otherwise,
silence between people is distinctly awkward. If, for instance, we
invite people to our house and there are long silences in the
conversation, we fell things are not going well and do our best to
get the talking going.
Because words can break silence, and thus remove tension, we
often use them for this reason and not always to express an idea.
For example, when two people are introduced, one says, "How do you
do?" This is not really a question, despite its apparent meaning;
and the other person will usually reply, "Very well, thank you."
This is the conversational formula. The purpose is not to
communicate meaning but to break the tension, while conveying a
vague goodwill towards the new acquaintance.

객 9. 윗글의 내용과 일치하는 것은?
1) 침묵은 긴장을 해소시킬 수 있다.
2) 친한 친구끼리는 대화를 항상 나누어야 할 필요가 있다.
3) 침묵은 항상 당혹감을 준다.
4) 말이라는 것은 의미 전달에만 항상 사용되는 것은 아니다.

주 6. 밑줄친 부분이 무엇을 의미하는지 구체적으로 우리말로
설명하시오. (2점)

[객 10 - 주 7 ] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Propaganda is the most terrible weapon so far developed. It is
worse than poison gas. If the wind is in the right direction, gas
may kill a few and injure others; but the possibilities of
controlling the public mind by holding back or changing the facts
are appalling. One is so helpless in the face of it. No one can
think intelligently without knowing the facts; and if the facts
are controlled by interested men, the very idea of democracy is
destroyed and becomes a farce.

객 10. 윗글에 가장 알맞는 제목은?
1) How Facts Are Controlled
2) The Dangers of Propaganda
3) Propaganda in Democracy
4) The Effects of Propaganda

주 7. 밑줄친 부분을 우리말로 번역하시오. (4점)

[객 11 - 주 8] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Visitors to Britain are always complaining about English food.
But they do not really know what they are talking about because
they rarely get a chance to eat it. Most of the restaurants in
large towns have foreign owners and serve foreign food. When
visitors are invited to eat in an English home their hosts often
fell that they must offer them something foreign and exotic.
People who do know English food are aware that at its best it
can be really very good. On the other hand, it is true to say that
it is sometime terrible. Part of the problem is that the English
are not really interested in food. So they don''t generally spend
the necessary time and effort needed to cook really good meals.
They prefer food that is simple and easy to cook, or ready
prepared food which only needs heating up before eating.
You can find the best English food in the country away from the
large towns, where life is slower and people are not in such a
hurry. But, of course, most visitors come to London. They come
because they are interested in shopping and sightseeing. They do
not come because of the food, so why should they complain about

객 11. 영국을 방문하는 사람들이 좋은 영국 음식을 먹을 기회가 적은
1) Because the quality of English food is extremely bad.
2) Because the English have no interest in what they eat.
3) Because visitors do not go out into the country where good
English food is served.
4) Because visitors do not know anything about English food.

주 8. 밑줄친 부분을 우리말로 번역하시오. (3점)

[객 12 - 주 9] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

The American concept of success has not changed much over the
two centuries of its existence. The average American thinks about
personal success in terms quite different from the rest of the
world. First, it has always meant providing your family with a
decent standard of living with some margin of comfort. Second, it
means ending your life in a higher and more prosperous position
than you began it. To an American, it is clear that success is the
result of hard work, self-reliance, and is "God''s reward" for
American virtue. The lesson that success lay in your own hand
became ingrained because it was within the reach of any free
person. Because Americans have consistently been "successful"
within this meaning of the term, they have not altered this view
to any great degree.

객 12. 윗 글에서 "this meaning of the term"의 의미를 바르게 설명한
1) In America anyone can become successful through his own
2) Only those who enjoy true freedom can become successful in
3) God will reward some Americans for being virtuous.
4) Success depends on having certain inborn qualities.

주 9. 윗 글에서 말하는 "personal success"의 두 가지 의미를
우리말로 설명하시오. (4점)

[객 13 - 주 10] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

My father was a stern man when discipline and work were on his
mind, and for him duty always came first. I rarely disobeyed him
out of respect and because I knew that punishment would be certain
and sometimes severe. Most often, the penalty was the restriction
of my movements to home and school. These periods were usually for
a day or so, but there was one occasion when I was deprived of
liberty for a month. The school principal had reported to my
father that some classmates and I had defied his orders and left
school to enjoy an afternoon in a nearby forest. We had aggravated
the situation by writing an article about our good time, which was
published in the school newspaper.

객 13. 윗글에서 밑줄친 부분 "aggravated the situation"의 의미는?
1) exaggerated the situation
2) made the situation worse
3) ruined the situation
4) brought about the situation

주 10. 밑줄친 문장을 우리말로 번역하시오. (4점)

[객 14 - 주 11] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Dr. Audlin was a psycho-analyst. he had adopted the profession
by accident and practised it with misgivings. When the war broke
out he had not been long qualified and was getting experience at
various hospitals: he offered his services to the authorities, and
after a time was sent out to France. It was then that he
discovered his singular gift. He could soothe certain paths by the
touch of his cool, firm hands, and by talking to them often induce
sleep in men who were suffering from sleeplessness. He spoke
slowly. His voice had no particular colour, and its tone did not
alter with the words he uttered, but it was musical and soft. He
told men that they must rest, that they mustn''t worry, that they
must sleep; and rest stole into their tired bones, a sense of
peace pushed their anxieties away, and slumber fell on their tired
eyelids. Dr. Audlin found that by speaking to men with that low
monotonous voice of his, by looking at them with his pale, quiet
eyes, by stroking their weary foreheads with his long firm hands,
he could soothe their worries, resolve the conflicts that troubled
them, and banish the fears that made their lives a torment.

객 14. 아래 중 Dr. Audlin이 환자를 다루는 방법에 속하지 않는것은?
1) 낮고 부드러운 목소리 2) 조용한 눈빛
2) 따뜻한 손길 4) 환자를 안심시키는 말

주 11. 밑줄친 부분을 우리말로 번역하시오. (4점)

[객 15 - 객 16] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Alan tried hard to concentrate but the throbbing of the noise
upstairs drove all mathematical solutions out of his hand. They
were at it again, though Alan. At least three times a week, the
people from the flat above would have a party which was invariably
accompanied by "music" which lasted till 2 or 3 a.m. the next day.
It was thoughtless of them, but what could Alan do? His parents
were meek and would never thing of complaining. Why, just the
other day, they met with some rudeness in a shop and his father
merely walked away, shaking his head. It was at times like this
that Alan wished he was six-foot tall and muscular. He wanted to
make his presence felt and you could not do that if you weighed 80
pounds and wore thick glasses.

객 15. 윗글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은?
1) Alan은 수학 공부에 집중할 수 없었다.
2) Alan은 윗층에서 들리는 음악을 소음으로 여겼다.
3) Alan은 시력이 나빴다.
4) Alan은 위층 사람들이 현명하지 않다고 생각했다.

객 16. 윗글에서 밑줄친 단어의 의미는?
1) timid 2) feeble 3) good natured 4) dignified

[객 17 - 주 12] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Before Lionel had come to work in the firm, when he had been a
school boy, all the while employees had called him Lionel:_______,
he was working in a position of authority among them, they called
him Mr. Lionel. All but Muss Posen. She presumed on the fact that
she was the oldest employee, both in age and in years of service;
and she continued to call him Lionel. She presumed too on the fact
that she was the only Jewish employee, and he hated the last
presumption even more than he did the others, for it seemed to
drag him down to a level where he was forever equal with her.

객 17. 윗글에서 빈 칸에 들어갈 것은?
1) therefore 2) now that 3) while 4) for

주 12. 윗글에서 Miss Posen이 Lionel을 Mr. Lionel이 아니라 그냥
Lionel이라고 부르는 두 가지 이유를 우리말로 쓰시오. (2점)

[객 18 - 주 13] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

As the number of cars increases the average driving speed is
reduced and driving, which many people once used to enjoy, becomes
less attractive. But nobody knows the point at which people will
give up their cars and turn back to public transportation. Some
say it won''t happen until the average driver''s speed is reduced to
three miles an hour, while the cost of gas rises to twenty dollars
a gallon and parking to five dollars an hour or more. Others think
that an improved means of public transportation ____________. But
everybody agrees that it will be a very hard job to change the
driving habits of people whose dependence on cars has become part
of their way of life.

객 18. 윗글에서 빈 칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은?
1) could result in greater freedom
2) could lead to ease and comfort
3) could make people go out more
4) could bring about a change

주 13. 윗글에서 언급된 것으로서 사람들로 하여금 자가용을 포기하게
할 수 있는 요인 4가지를 우리말로 간략하게 쓰시오. (4점)

[객 19 - 주 14] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Bilbo was very rich and very peculiar, and had been the wonder
of the village for sixty years, ever since his remarkable
disappearance and unexpected return. The riches he had brought
back from his travels had now become a local legend, and it was
popularly believed, whatever the old folk might say, that the hill
at Bag End was full of tunnels stuffed with treasure. And if that
was not enough for fame, there was also his prolonged vigour to
marvel at. Time wore on, but it seemed to have little effect on
Bilbo. At ninety he was much the same as at fifty. At ninety-nine
they began to call him well-preserved; but unchanged would have
been nearer the mark. There were some that shock their heads and
thought this was too much of a good thing; it seemed unfair that
anyone should possess (apparently) perpetual youth as well an
(reputedly) inexhaustible wealth.

객 19. 윗글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은?
1) Bilbo had been a great traveller, who had been on a mysterious
2) There were rumors concerning Bilbo''s extraordinary life.
3) Everybody was firmly convinced that Bilbo had much hidden
4) To some there was something unnatural about Bilbo''s good

주 14. 윗글에서 밑줄친 부분을 우리말로 번역하시오. (3점)

[객 20 - 주 15] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Underwater searches can have problems. Visibility is usually
poor, and seeing is more difficult. Brightly coloured plastic
lines make it easier for the divers to stay in the search area.
Underwater currents may be strong. They may carry objects (a)
from their pinpointed location or they may sweep the diver
(a) from the search area. Divers may have to contend with
obstacles such as huge rocks, uneven terrain, or foreign objects
thrown into the water. Even some underwater animal life can be
dangerous. Divers must be careful that they do not become
entangled in an underwater maze and that nothing falls on them.

객 20. 윗글에서 밑줄친 부분의 의미는?
1) objects from distant countries
2) oddly shaped objects in the sea
3) tools used by underwater searchers for fishing
4) objects which don''t naturally belong to the sea

주 15. 윗글에서 빈 란(a)에 알맞은 단어 1개를 영어로 쓰시오. (2점)

[객 21 - 주 16] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오.

Pigs have always been important and useful farm animals, but for
centuries people have considered them to be dirty, stupid and
greedy. None of these negative qualities has much to do with pigs:
in fact, all of them are unfair descriptions of this animal.
When you see pigs wallowing in the mud, don''t jump to the
conclusion that they are especially dirty creatures. They are
doing it because, unlike human beings and other animals, they have
no sweat glands to serve as an automatic cooling system. Since mud
is cool and moist, pigs head for it the minute hot weather becomes
too much for them. However, in comparison with most other farm
animals, pigs keep themselves clean.
Another false notion about pigs is that they are stupid. Any
farmer will tell you that pigs are as smart as any other animals
and that they can be trained about as easily as dogs. Pet pigs can
be taught to trot around barnyards pulling small carts, and they
will patiently act as horses for small children. The term
"piggyback rude" is not an idle or invented expression.
The expression "eat like a pig" is another phrase that fosters
more misconceptions. Farmers who feed pigs slops and garbage are
certainly guilty of making pigs, in turn, seem a sloppy. Pigs
don''t overeat, (a) . It is a proven fact that human beings are
much more likely to stuff themselves.
As you can see, (b) .

객 21. 빈 칸(a)에 알맞은 단어는?
1) also 2) too 3) either 4) neither

객 22. 윗글 전체의 결론으로서 빈 칸(b)에 가장 알맞은 문장은?
1) there are many misconceptions about pigs that should be
recognized and abandoned
2) pigs suffer much from misconceptions and unkind treatment
resulting from them
3) pigs are often better than human beings, who have much to learn
from them
4) people are full of false ideas about all kinds of animals

주 16. 돼지가 흙더미에 뒹구는 이유를 우리말로 설명하시오. (2점)

주 17. 다음 글을 영어로 번역하시오. (9점)

중학교에 다닐 때 나는 영어 과목을 아주 싫어했다. 성적이 가장 좋지
않은 과목이 영어였으며 영어를 아무리 잘하려고 해도 성과가 없었다.
어느날 영어 선생님께서 미국인 펜팔을 한 명 나에게 소개해 주셨다.
우리는 서로 편지를 교환하기 시작하였다. 그 이후 나는 영어에 관심을
갖게 되었으며, 영어 실력도 향상되었다. 지금 영어는 내가 가장 좋아하는
과목이 되었다.