A young married woman took a course at a dramatic school, but she never attempted to secure an engagement.

One day a friend of her husband said : "So far as I can see, that $1,000 you spent on Mary''s dramatic education has been practically thrown away."

"Oh, no, it hasn''t," said the husband, "Her experience there has taught her to dress in a hurry. Nowadays when I ask her to go to any place with me, she can change her clothes in ten minutes. It used to take over an hour."


<>secure an engagement : (출연)계약을 따내다
<>practically : 사실상
<>in a hurry : 급히, 서둘러


젊은 주부가 배우학교에 다녔으나 연극에 출연해보려고는 하지 않았다.

어느날 남편 친구가 한마디했다.

"자네가 메리에게 연극공부를 시킨다고 지출한 1천달러 말야, 그건 아무리 봐도 헛쓴거로군"

"천만에. 그 덕에 옷입는 게 빨라졌다네. 요즘엔 어딘가에 가자고 하면 10분안에 차리고 나서거든. 전엔 한시간도 더 걸렸는데 말야"