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The tradition and culture of Korea is very popular among foreigners. In the midst of such popularity, lies the nation's unique beauty, affection and humanity, and the sentiment of understanding and caring for others. And many foreigners are trying to understand and learn about Korea as the nation's beauty has spread quickly to the world through K-pop and K-beauty, which have impressed the world. Recently, it is also easy to find foreigners walking on Gwanghwamun Street wearing hanbok, which boasts of the nation's unique beauty.

Along with this beautiful cultural spread, foreigners are doing many good things for our country and creating a beautiful global village culture. Established in 1962, the Seoul International Women's Association (SIWA) is helping the hard and difficult people of society through various volunteer activities as well as learning and understanding of the nation's history, tradition and culture.

A Korean who has been here for five years and is trying to do her best to spread "global business manners" and "Korean culture and manners" to foreigners is professor Park Young-sil, head of the Park Young-sil Service Power Academy and an advisor to Sookmyung Women's University's Ministry of Employment and Development. "I'm trying to find out how my friends from other cultures feel about Korean culture and what is hard or difficult in living in Korea. They really love Korea, and they are working hard to learn about our history, tradition and culture. And I talk a lot since I'm very interested in global business manners. People's minds are so beautiful and wonderful, especially since those working together in SIWA that doing volunteer work through talent donation rather than their own interests. So I'm proud to be a member here and work together," Park said.

Veronica Koon, who is from hong kong and her husband is a professor at Seoul National University and living in Korea together, said, "It's been 18 months since I came to Korea. I've been working hard to understand Korean traditions and culture, and I'm always grateful to my friends I met in Korea for being so good," he said, adding that he traveled to many cities in Korea, including Busan, Gwangju, Jeonju, Jinju and Gimhae. Among them, I was very impressed when I traveled to Jeonju, where there was the beauty and picturesque of Korea, and the food there was the most impressive. In particular, there were various kinds of food in the Jeolla region, and the taste was good, which was the most memorable."

"My family runs a Shanghai restaurant in Hong Kong, and I liked the food I ate in Jeolla-do because it resembled my favorite food," she said. "Personally, I like gopchang, raw fish and yukhoe, but yukhoe was the best."
Veronica Koon, who said she likes all aspects of Korea, said, "There has been a lot of interest in Korean hanbok. So I really wanted to try on Hanbok, but I'm so happy to try it on today with the help of Professor Park Young-sil," she said. "The hanbok here is so beautiful and elegant. When I wore Hanbok, I felt comfortable and calm and back in the past. And I become cautious in everything and make them act slowly without rushing," she said.

Veronica Koon had never experience to wear a hanbok properly so far, but she was able to try a hanbok with the help of Professor Park Young-sil. "The hanboks which are created by utilizing Korean traditional tradition by Jeong Seo Mi designer are so beautiful and dignified. They are natural dyeing and using nature-friendly raw materials.“ Especially, Professor Park, Young-sil(Audrey Park) and Veronica Koon expressed their gratitude and expressed their gratitude to Jeong Seo Mi designer.

The Seoul International Women's Association (SIWA) said they are raising funds through bazaars and gala shows, and that all of the funds will be used for volunteer work for Korea. "The Korean Association of Unwed Mothers and Families donated 20 million won last year because it was its 10th anniversary," they said. "Of course, we will continue to provide support to the Single Mothers' Family Association, but we will continue to check their activities and decide their direction in the future."

Veronica Koon is actively involved in the creation of this important fund, and last year she was in charge of organizing the bazaar and made good results. The Seoul International Women's Association (SIWA) maintains a close relationship with the Association of Ambassadorial Women in Korea, and on April 13 this year there is a bazaar in SIWA. "We hope to make a good result here." she also said.

Professor Park Young-sil said, "The Seoul International Women's Association (SIWA) does a lot of good things for our country. Though we practice sharing through volunteer work, we also understand our culture and spread it," she said, adding, "I am happy to meet friends who do such activities. However, it seems that it is still difficult for friends from other cultures to understand deeply to the inside of our country. So I hope to treat them with more interest," she said.

She added, "I think it is important for our country to eliminate prejudice in order to achieve globalization. Of course, everything can happen in language problems, but I think there is a problem in treating foreigners with preconceptions or prejudices," she said, adding, "Even though I speak awkward English around me, I have a friend who is popular for introducing and sharing our traditional culture sincerely to foreigners. Not everything is because of English, but we need a posture that recognizes differences in the other cultures and treats them with positive energy," she stressed.
And, "Fortunately, foreign friends like our culture so much. I like the place where our country tradition and beauty are, and I am trying to learn Korean culture. Showing our own beauty and beauty like this, and being kind, they will naturally become new diplomats who spread our culture," he said, adding, "In particular, Korean hanbok is so elegant and elegant. From now on, if you attend a gala show or dinner show, you will need to try to attend the event wearing Korean traditional hanbok. Wearing hanbok and showing it at such events is the best diplomacy, and it will be a good opportunity to show off the beauty of hanbok to the world," Professor Park Young-sil said.

[Sunday Times=Yun Seok-moon Reporter]
[Hanbok by Jeong Seo Mi designer]

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