As the mother was nursing her three-month-old baby,her five-year-old son walked into the room. He stared at what his mother and the baby were doing, and then said,"Mommy,I thought Daddy drank that all up last night!" 어머니가 석달 된 아기에게 젖을 먹이고있는 방에 다섯살 된 아들녀석이 들어왔다. 아기가 젖먹는 모습을 한참 뚫어지게 바라보던 꼬마가 입을 열었다. "간밤에 아빠가 몽땅 먹어버린 줄 알았는데..." ▲nurse:젖을 먹이다 ▲stare:뚫어지게 바라보다