After the end of the war,a young female reporter was assigned to write an article about the solders' home-coming. "When you came home, what was the first thing you did?" she asked a young man. "I had sex with my wife." the man said bluntly. The journalist went crimson, and tried desperately to change the subject. "What did you do after that?" "I had sex with her again," he answered. The journalist turned even more red. "What did you do when you finished that?" "Then I unstrapped my backpack." -------------------------------------------------------------- *assign to write an article:글을 쓰는 과제를 주다 *bluntly:퉁명스럽게 *crimson:진홍색의, 얼굴을 붉힌 *try desperately:필사적으로 노력하다 *unstrap:끈을 풀다 -------------------------------------------------------------- 전쟁이 끝나자 젊은 여기자에게 전쟁에서 돌아온 군인들에 관해 기사를 쓰라는 과제가 떨어졌다. "집에 돌아와서 우선 뭘 했죠?"하고 한 청년에게 물었다. "마누라하고 한판 했었요"라고 그는 거침없이 말했다. 기자는 홍당무가 되면서 화제를 바꾸려고 필사적이었다. "그러곤 뭘 했죠?" "한판 더 했어요"라고 그는 대답했다. 기자는 더욱 얼굴을 붉히면서 "그걸 끝내고는 뭘 했어요?"하고 물었다. "그러고는 배낭을 벗어놓았어요"