Actor James Cagney, who grew up in a rough New York City neighborhood, was asked how he had avoided a life of crime.

It was his tough-minded mother, he explained.

If she thought he was getting out of line, she''d wallop him good.

Once she wanted to know why he was losing weight.

He told her he was in training, that he''d decided to become a prizefighter.

"Do you think you can lick me?" she demanded.

"," he responded meekly.

And that was the end of his boxing career.


<>rough neighborhood : 험한 동네
<>tough-minded : 강건한, 굳센
<>wallop good : 심히 패다(강타하다)
<>prizefighter : 현상(프로)권투선수
<>lick : 때리다, ~에게 이기다


뉴욕의 험한 동네에서 자란 배우 제임스 캐그니를 보고 어떻게 범죄세계로 빠져드는 것을 면했냐고 물었더니 강직한 성품의 어머니 덕이었다는 설명이었다.

그가 빗나간다싶으면 어머니는 호되게 매질했다.

한번은 그의 체중이 빠지기에 웬일이냐고 묻는 것이었다.

프로권투선수가 되기로 결심하고 훈련하고 있는 중이라고 했다.

"너 나를 당할 수 있을거라고 생각해?"하고 어머니는 물었다.

"아...아뇨"라고 그는 풀이 죽어서 대답했다.

그렇게 해서 그의 복싱꿈은 끝장나게 되었다.

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