A man walked into the police station to report that his wife was

The sergeant began writing up the report.

"How tall is she?" "About so high."

"How much does she weigh?" "About average, I guess."

"Color of eyes?" "I would say they were neutral."

"Color of hair?" "I don''t know. It changes."

"What was she wearing?" "Hat and coat, I suppose."

"Was she carrying anything?" "Yes, she had a dog on a leash."

"What kind of dog?"

"A pedigreed white German Sheperd weighing 38 pounds, six hands high,
license 45-12-C on a brown collar."


<>neutral : 회색의
<>leash : 가죽끈
<>pedigreed : (가축)혈통이 분명한
<>hand : (척도)손자, 뼘


경찰서를 찾은 남자는 아내의 실종을 신고했다.

당직경찰관은 신고사항을 기록했다.

"키가 얼마나 됩니까?" "이만큼요"

"체중은요?" "보통 체중이지싶어요"

"눈의 색깔은요?" "회색으로 합시다"

"머리색깔은요?" "모르겠어요. 바뀌니까요"

"어떤 옷을 입고 있었습니까?" "모자에 코트차림이었나봐요"

"뭐 가지고 나갔나요?" "개를 끌고 나갔습니다"

"어떤 개지요?"

"족보있는 흰색 독일 셰퍼드인데, 무게 38파운드, 키 여섯뼘, 갈색목걸이의
등록번호는 45-12-C 입니다"

(한국경제신문 1997년 12월 10일자).