A man walked into the police station to report
that his wife was missing.
The sergeant began writing up the report.
"How tall is she?"
"About so high."
"How much does she weigh?"
"About average, I guess."
"Color of eyes?"
"I''d say they were neutral."
"Color of hair?"
"I don''t know. It changes."
"What was she wearing?"
"Hat and coat. I suppose."
"Was she carrying anything?"
"Yes, she had a dog on a leash."
"What kind of dog?"
"A pedigreed brindle and white German Shepherd
weighing 38 pounds, six hands high, license 45-12-
C on a brown collar slightly deaf in the right ear
and answers to the name of Prince."

<>neutral : (색깔) 회색의 <>leash : 가죽끈
<>pedigree : 순종가축의 혈통표, pedigreed : 혈통이 분명한
<>brindle : 얼룩 <>hand : 손자, 뼘(4인치)
경찰서에 나타난 사내는 부인의 실종을 신고했다.
당직경관은 신고사항을 기록했다.
[키가 얼마나 됩니까?]
[보통 체중이 될겁니다]
[눈은 어떤 빛깔입니까?]
[흐릿한 회색이라고 해둡시다]
[머리카락 빛깔은?]
[모르겠어요. 바뀌니깐요]
[옷은 어떤걸 입고 있었죠?]
[모자에 코트 차림이었나 봅니다]
[뭐 가지고 나간 것이 있습니까?]
[개를 끌고 나갔습니다]
[개의 종류는요?]
[흰 바탕에 얼룩진 족보있는 독일 셰퍼드인데 무게 38파운드
키는 여섯뼘, 갈색목걸이에는 등록번호 45-12-C가 적혀있고 오른쪽
귀가 약간 먹었으나 프린스라고 이름을 부르면 호응해옵니다.]

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