Two golfers found themselves bottlenecked by two women who were
playing the hole just ahead of them.
They waited and waited, and finally, one said to the other.
"I''m going down there and ask those women if we can play through."
And he walked down the fairway. But soon he turned back in a
"My Godness," said the man, "when I got close through, I saw that
one of the womem was my wife, and the other was my mistress!"

* blttleneck : 진행을 방해하다
* play through : 플레이를 하면서 앞서가다
* mistress : 정부,첩

골프치던 두사람의 앞 홀의 두여자들 때문에 움직일수 없게 되었다.

마냥 기다린 끝에 한사람이 "내가 저 여자들한테 가서 우리가 앞서가게 해
달라고 하지"라고 하면서 페어웨이를 걸어내려갔다.

그런데 잠시후 그는 황급히 되돌아섰다.

"이러수가? 가까이서 보니 내 마누라하고 내정부지 뭔가?