Mrs. Kelly, having presented the world with triplets, was resting
at the hospital when Mrs. Hugh came to call.

"Trkplets!" exclaimed Mrs.Hugh. "Believe me it''s a wonderful thing,
having one''s family all at once.

"You know," said Mrs.Kelly, "the doctor says it happens only once
in two hundred thousand times."

"Good God! Is that so ? Well, when did you find time to do the
house-work ?"

* come to call : 내방하다 * triplets : 세쌍둥이

세쌍둥이에게 세상빛을 보게한 켈리부인이 병원에서 쉬고있는데 휴부인이
찾아와서 감탄했다. "세쌍둥이라죠! 한꺼번에 식구수를 몽땅 채웠으니
얼마나 좋아요!"

"의사가 그러는데 이건 20만번에 한번 있는 일이라지 뭐예요"라고 산모는

"어머나,그래요? 그럼 집안일은 언제 봤죠?"하고 물었다

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